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Which English Do You Speak?

Two major variations of the English Language exist; the British and American English. For ages, they have been strong debates as to which version of the English language is superior. I would not harsh anyone’s mellow to say which is better, but because of the fact that we were colonized by the British, one might tilt more towards British English. That is not to say I never use American terms; for one I have found myself using the term 'pants' instead of 'trousers 'quite more often recently. So, suit yourself, whichever works for you- just don’t say ‘pant trousers’.

These are 55 common words in British and American English :

Trolley Baggage
Hires Rents
Ground floor First floor
Reception Front desk
Serviette Napkin
Take-away food Take-out food
Biscuit Cookie
Sweet corn corn
Salt beef corned beef
Crayfish crawfish
Chips/Crisps French fries/potato chips
Beef burger Hamburger
Porridge Oatmeal
Prawns Shrimps
Fizzy drink Soda

Soya bean

Trainers Sneakers
Jumper Sweater
Stockings Hose
Bespoke Made-to-order
Nightdress Nightgown
Trousers Pants
Tights Pantyhose
Mackintosh Raincoat
Dinner Jacket Tuxedo
Boot (of a car) Trunk
Car park Parking lot
Drink driving Drunk driving
Driving license Driver's license
Dual carriageway Divided highway
Flat battery Dead battery
Flyover Overpass
Hoarding BillBoard
Lorry Truck
Number plate License plate
Pavement Sidewalk
Petrol Gas/Gasoline
Reverse Back up
Subway Pedestrian underpass
Tarmac Blacktop
Way out Exit
Windscreen Windshield
Zebra crossing Crosswalk/pedestrian Crossing
Spring onion Green onion
Minced meat Ground meat
Turn ups Cuffs
Bowler hat Derby
Polo-neck Turtleneck
Estate car Station wagon
Exhaust pipe Tail pipe
Gear lever Gearshift
Third party insurance Liability insurance
Traffic warden Parking Enforcement Officer
Diary Calendar


Want to add some more? Share in the comments and let's help one another speak right.

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