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St. Gloria's Schools: Meet the Gifted Class of 2017!

A family that prays together indeed stays together. This act of oneness and complete sense of belonging was permeated ST. Gloria’s Schools, GRA Ikeja Lagos when the tight-knit community gathered to send off the graduation class of 2017 into the next phase of their lives.

The valedictory/thanks giving ceremony was filled with overt words of wisdom, encouragement, creative activities ranging from dance, drama, choreography and musical presentations…not forgetting to mention the effortless carriage of the Long Man Comedian who infused his comical wits as he anchored the ceremony.

IMG 20170718 WA0009


The Director, Mrs. Gloria Aiyegbusi set the tone for the ceremonyas one of joy and a time to look back and count individual and communal blessings the school had experienced in three decades of raising amazing children. She said… "For thirty years in education, indeed we must learn to thank God for His mercies, be it big or small…’ she reminisced on several fond experiences with the kids, various world tours/excursions, yet no blemish in the schools name. She was also grateful that the school had never lost any student since inception. She further charged the students to keep maintaining the status quo of academic excellence and morality.

One can usually identify the values of a school from observing the natural unforced relationships among students, between them and their teachers and even between parents and teachers. The effortless grace with which students, staff and parents related revealed a warm nurturing environment at St. Gloria. Not only did the parents come in unform ankara fabrics, known as aso ebi,they seemed to take pride in being associated with the school and the children. Once a call was made for parents to rise and pray for their child, one could tell that this was a school that made sure parents were involved in their children's growth and success journey. As parents poured out blessings on the children, the event quickly became an emotional gathering as many at the Graduation Ceremony couldn't help the tears. It was a happy moment, yet a sober one without the taste of sadness. This was followed by a short exhortation by Pst. Femi Olubolade.

IMG 20170718 WA0019IMG 20170718 WA0018

In felicitation, the guest speaker Elder Lanre Adewusi specially congratulated the parents of the graduating students, charging them to consider themselves proud of such well-raised children. Elder Adewusi further gave an enlightening session on managing the use of technology with children in a way that maximises it's advantages and curbs the potential dangers. In buttressing his idea, using historical icons like Thomas Edison and Albert Aniston as examples, saying that they never had the opportunity of brilliant academic achievements, yet they invented things that changed the world positively. He urged further that they emulate the ways of the baby giraffe, which fearfully faces challenges in the forest, yet maintains a joyful spirit.

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The close of the event was marked by several awards and recognition to the deserving students in every category.

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