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Honeyland Embarks on a School Growth Journey

A school that takes time to impart knowledge on its staff will always have a more productive staff. That is the case of Honeyland International School who organized a seminar for their teaching and nonteaching staffs, masterminded by Edumark Consult on the 13th of September.

C.E.O Edumark Consult, Mrs.Yinka Ogunde preceded the gathering by enlightening the Staffs on a very engaging topic titled “A New Beginning”. She urged that teachers be persistent influencers in the lives of the children which they have been given the responsibility to teach and educate.A teachers work does not start and end with the school’s curriculum, a teacher can also go as far as to influence the mannerisms of the students even outside the four walls of a classroom.
Ogunde as regards the essence of value made known an affirmation to be recited and registered in the consciousness of the Staffs of Honeyland.
At Honey Land,
“We are people of value-adding value to the lives we value.
We have chosen to make every day a masterpiece and
we intentionally want to raise students that will be the best they can be”.


Mr. Joseph Aisida, a profound Educator who followed, spoke on “The Intentional Teacher: Proficiency, Professionalism and Visionary Teaching”. These concerns teachers making intentional efforts to growing themselves especially their teaching skills. He also acknowledged that teachers see the beauty in the uniqueness of each student; no two children are the same. Trust must also be built amidst staffs and the students. Aisida explains that in building trust, some students would attempt to misbehave, but it is the place of the teacher to put them in order by clearly stating boundaries which will not just allow the student be comfortable with the teacher but also disciplined.honey4


C.E.O First Royal Character & Values Limited Mrs. Bosede Olusola-Obasa, a Social Capital Developer spoke on “A Journey from Customer Service to Customer Delight”. She began by begging the question of why the teachers come to work. Most response centered on the fact they wanted to earn a living which she affirmed wasn’t wrong but is wrong . She appealed that the staffs of HoneyLand choose a faithful rather than a faceful service . As a school, appreciation should not only be shown as regards the payment of school fees regularly, but also to those holding back because they aren’t just mere students, but also their customers.

Founder of Nurtures place, Mrs. Flourish Adeniyi wrapped up on “The Mind at Work; Creating an Owner’s Mindset for A Successful Career”. She inquired on how much value each staff has invested in the teaching job, and also talked about a career focus of working to learn not earn. She said “In a workplace, there are three different persons; the Entrepreneur, the Manager, and the Technician. There would be a huge problem if these three people don’t have a consensus. No matter who owns a business, one should carry the business like it’s his/hers”.

All the speakers indeed created an impact that’s left for Honeyland staffs to run with. Basically having known now that teaching is not just about information; it’s about having an honest intellectual relationship with your students and colleagues.


Dear school owner, you too can also sign up for Edumark’s School Growth Academy in order to obtain a quality staff training that produces desired results to move your school from ‘good’ to ‘great’. For more inquiries please call 0705462330, 07011202454 or visit or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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