Friday, 22 September 2017 11:35

Nigerians Should Embrace STEM Education - ICT Expert

During a courtesy visit by the pupils of Carol School Ikeja to the Huawei Innovation and Experience Centre Lagos, The Product Manager Huawei Technology Limited, Mr. Oluwaseun Ologun, has emphasized the need for Nigerian school administrators and parents to introduce pupils to science, technology, engineering and mathematics education early in life.

While responding to questions from pupils led by Mrs. Juliet Okorodion, a staff of the school, he described the development of ICT culture among children as a crucial and necessary step toward the growth and enhancement of any nation. “The impact of ICT education children will help their learning experiences at home and in the school. Not only this, imbibing the ICT culture in them will enable them grow with it and will be at the same level with their counterparts worldwide,” he said.      

In her remarks, Okorodion said any country that cared for her youths must be ready to promote and embrace STEM education. She said, “STEM as a tool will not only excite the children to learn difficult things in an entertaining mood. They will excel in the future in any field that they find themselves because the culture has been imbibed in them very early in life.

“The importance of STEM cannot be waived aside by any nation that wants to grow, especially now that ICT has made many jobs easier and allowed income earners to earn more with less stress. Also, the head of the Public Relations Unit of the company, Mr. Quan Wei, said Huawei was committed to making information technology and knowledge popular, developing ICT professionals and increasing educational opportunities within any environment it operates.

“We just don’t believe in making profit alone; we strive to make our CSR visible in all our operational areas. We believe that these children will grow up to become leaders of tomorrow. And promoting ICT education for them at this age will broaden their knowledge and ability to learn, putting in mind that children learn faster most times than adults, “he said.

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