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Alaga Ayodeji: My Inspirational Microsoft Challenge Story

My name is Alaga Ayodeji, a final year student of Bellina College, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria.I am a certified Microsoft Office Specialist in Word and PowerPoint 2013 . As they say, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step." My journey to this success was not an easy one.

This is my MOS story.

It all began in the year 2015; my first year in the Senior Secondary School. Our ICT teacher informed us of the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship (MOSWC) and the opportunities it presents. My fascination for the creativity embedded in IT got me interested in the competition.I saw it as an opportunity to develop my IT skills and showcase my talent since I have always been striving to learn new concepts in IT. Moreover, I was regarded as one of the best IT students in my class. So, I registered for the competition and my parents gave me their consent and provided all the support that I needed.

However, my school had a challenge - the software packages purchased for training were not enough to accommodate over hundred students who registered for the program. So, we were greatly handicapped. This meant that some students didn't have a chance to get used to the examination environment before the exams. As an alternative, we resorted to using the MOS 2013 e-books for practice and just one module was about 265 pages. Honestly, I knew it would definitely take quite a lot of time to complete the book coupled with school work and others.

Due to the poor preparation, I didn't perform well in the exams; I failed all three modules. I was devastated. Some other students in my school at that time passed the examination very well (Tinuke Griffin and Jemeni Chinonso). Tinuke was lucky enough to qualify and represent Nigeria at the world finals in the USA . I felt like a failure but with so much encouragement from my parents, teachers, other students, and with the inspiration, I got from Tinuke, Chinonso and the others that passed, I had the confidence to take the exams again.

The next year (SS2), I sat for the exam. I failed Excel and Word but passed PowerPoint. I didn't know what to feel. I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders but my only consolation at that time was the fact that I scored 924 in PowerPoint 2013 and there was the hope of qualifying for the National Championship. I waited patiently for the cut off scores to be released. Unfortunately, when the cut-off scores were released, the mark for PowerPoint was 925 and I had scored 924. "Wow! Just a mark." Those were the words I was left to languish upon. I remember that day vividly as we (the students that took the exam) were all called into the Principal's office where we were informed. I stealthily ran out of the principal's office trying so hard to hold back the tears that had welled up in my eyes. I was heartbroken but I was not deterred.

This year, my school registered for MOS 2013 exams and I was determined to pass all three modules and possibly qualify for the National Competition of at least one of the three modules. Despite the pressure from all the external exams I wrote (WASSCE, IGCSE, NECO SSCE), I was able to score in PowerPoint - 905 and in Word - 850. These scores qualified me for the National Competition for the first time after three attempts. Though, I had a lagging spirit in my heart because I was not practicing enough to fetch me the scores I desired. This was due to the stress of all the exams I was taking at about the same time. At the National Competition, I scored 719 in Word and 969 in PowerPoint (a personal best for me in PowerPoint).

Well, it wasn't enough to get me to the World Championship in the USA but at least I had achieved what I wanted to achieve. Also, it's not just about doing well in the exams but also about the application of this knowledge to the use of these programs.

Today, people call me to help create presentations and documents for them in school, at home, and at my parent's office and I tell you, it feels good when you can do that. Similarly, this experience also helped me in my SSCE exams. I finished my ICT practical (an exam of 3 hours) in like 30 minutes. I now felt a huge difference between myself and other people who had not undergone this MOS training program. Though, there is only one more module for me to pass – Excel. It had always been the most challenging module and I really don't know why. Probably because it is more technical and it involves critical thinking. Through much more hard work, I hope to pass it the next time I sit for the exams.

This is my MOS story!

I want to wholeheartedly thank Certiport, ReadManna Nigeria, Mrs. Agusto, my parents, teachers – Mr. Dawodu Olalekan and Mr. Udofia Emmanuel, and also my friends for all their support through this journey and for making me have this much exposure in IT.

Finally, I must say that success takes hard work, practice, courage, determination, and prayer . Having all these virtues will definitely make you blaze the trail.

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