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French Language Should be Mandatory for Security Agents- French Language Professor

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Professor of French Language Education, Carol Opara, stated that French Language ought to be mandatory in the training of security agents in order to prevent hostility from neighbouring French-speaking countries.

Opara, who is also the Head of Department of the Arts and Social Sciences made this statement while delivering a lecture, entitled “The French Language Education Factor”. She said if Nigerian soldiers and other security agents can speak French, they will be able to inform the authorities when there are security threats.

She used the Boko Haram insurgency as a case study and said there is need to train the border officials in French to communicate adequately with trans-border traders and travelers so as to enhance the implementation of the approach on free movement of goods, individuals and capital within the West African Community.

She also opined that French Language has a great potential for achieving objectives of integration, especially in the West African sub-region, and added that in order to benefit from the integration, Nigeria must adopt French Language as a compulsory subject in schools and also at the university level for it will give students a leverage and make them more competitive in the International Labor Market.

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