Wednesday, 30 August 2017 15:37

Four Hospitalized as Cult Members Invade LASPOTECH Hostel

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In an attack unleashed by suspected cult members on Monday, at the Lagos State Polytechnic Ikorodu, four students have been said to be really injured.

The cult members made their way to the hostel, with a deceptive notion of looking for a stolen laptop, but where repulsively dismissed by some occupants who challenged their claim.

They returned afterwards in mass, forcefully requesting to see a National Diploma Student. One thing led to another, and a show of violence erupted, which left four students hospitalized.

On Tuesday, it was learnt that the injured students fought to defend the ND student, who before now had complained of threats from the cult group to be forcefully initiated.

Bayo, a witness said that in the afternoon, the cult members came under the pretext of finding a missing laptop but failed to gain entry. ‘Suddenly, around a few minutes past 9pm, a larger group came and started calling the name of one of us in the hostel, to come out immediately, they called his name, we remembered that he once told us that some people were disturbing him to join a cult. Some of us went out and we asked others to stay with him in the hostel, four amongst us were injured after confronting cult members’

Dr. Saheed Ashafa, president of the Muslim students’ Society (MSS), acknowledged that the hostel is mostly occupied by male Mushin students of the institution.

Ashafa told the occupants to be at ease, and be rest assured the school management and Police authorities are fully aware.

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