What Teachers Want Parents To Know About Their Children

Parents and Schools must work together to ensure the success of the child. Sometimes you find the school blaming parents and vice versa when something goes wrong. Sometimes with the busy schedule we all run, parents expect a lot from the school and Teachers are also very disturbed when it appears parents don't understand their children.

I listened to this interesting discussion a few weeks ago with Teachers stating the various issues that parents need to understand about their children to help them do better in school...

What are the things Educators wish parents know about their children? What do they need to do to ensure there is cooperation between the parents and the school... I sincerely hope that young parents would learn a thing or two

God bless Nigeria!!!

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As much as it's good for the teachers to work with parents for the success of the child, I have observed that the mentality of many teachers is different from that of the school owners. A lot of school owners are passionate about the establishment and go all out to ensure the best is achieved, but many teachers have reduced themselves to mere salary earners. They are so stereotyped in their approach and therefore see any friendly collaboration with parents as being out of what they are paid to do.

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