• How do I know if my school is already in the directory?

    Just type the first word(s) of your school name in the search box directly under the 'Add Your School' tab. and click 'Search' or press Enter on your keyboard. If your school is already in the directory, our search engine will certainly return it among the search results.

  • If my school is already listed, how do I update the details?

    Firstly, you have to signup on this website and login to your account. Then use the 'Claim' tab on the school details page to provide verifiable evidence that you are authorised to claim the school's account on this website. Once we are convinced, we will approve your claim and you will be duly notified. On approval, an 'Edit' tab on your school allows you to edit its details.

  • What if the 'Claim' tab is not visible?

    If this tab does not appear below the school's description on the details page, it implies that the school account has already been claimed by someone linked to the school. If you are convinced that the school has been linked to a wrong account, send an email through the school's KNOWN EMAIL ADDRESS to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Remember to state the username and email address of your account on AllAboutSchoolsNG.Com in your complaint.

  • Why is my school logo not appearing on the school's listing?

    This is either because you have not added any image to your school's listing or because the first image is not your school logo. If you have only one image, it MUST be the school logo but if you have more than one, simply click on the edit tab for your school profile, scroll to the Images section and then drag the school logo to the first position. Do not forget to click 'Submit'.

  • Why can't I add photos of my school facilities?

    Apart from your school logo, you can add up to ONE more image but it must be in either JPEG or PNG format. Also, the minimum image dimension should be 300px by 300px while the size of each image should not be more than 800KB. However, if you desire to add more exciting images of your school features and facilities (up to 10 including your school logo), please contact Amara on 08177275312 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Why is my school showing up only in Nursery School Category even though we have primary and secondary?

    You probably did not add the 'Primary' and 'Secondary' categories correctly when updating your school details. To correct this error, click on the Edit tab for your school profile to reveal the Edit Listing page. Check the items listed directly in front of CATEGORY. All the categories where you want your school to appear should appear as "Directory > Schools > 'Category'. To add Primary category to the list, you should use the select box under 'Change Category'. Select Primary and wait till you see 'Directory > Schools > Primary' just above the select box. Then click 'Also appear in this category'. To include Secondary category, simply click 'Back' in the select box, choose Secondary and wait till you see 'Directory > Schools > Secondary' just above the select box. Again, click 'Also appear in this category'. Do not forget to click 'Submit' so as to update your changes.

  • What does the 'Featured' tag stand for?

    Whenever a search is conducted (probably by a parent), the Featured schools among all the schools that meet the search criteria will be listed first on the search result page. This surely improves visibility.

  • How do I create a new forum post?

    Login to your account. On the Forum page, click on 'Ask a Question'

  • How can I create an anonymous post in the forum?

    Login to your account and click on 'Ask a Question'. Fill in the subject and write your message but ensure to CHECK the box for 'ANONYMOUS POST' before you click 'Submit'.

  • How can I get my image to appear with my forum posts?

    Login to your account and click on Edit my profile (under Forum menu). Choose Avatar Image tab and upload new avatar. Click 'Save'.

  • What if I can't just pass through the spam check?

    Sometimes, selecting the right images to pass through the spam check might be difficult especially for those who are not used to Google's new recaptcha. If new set of images keeps coming up after you'vemade your selections, then it's time for you to try the alternative audio check. But for this to be effective, your device must have an audio output. Click on the middle icon of the three icons to the left of the VERIFY button (illustrated in the image) to activate the alternative audio check and listen carefully. The system will pronounce a set of figures for you to type in the text box for the verification.

    audio check

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